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Osmosis Products may be purchased at http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


Posted by JoElla Milan on November 29, 2008

The Osmosis Products may be purchased at http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

people keep complementing me about my skin and have been using the osmosis and herzog for last several months now.. NC

I love the Osmosis line. My skin is doing even better than on CosMedix (I thought it was great then…So now… WOW) VR

Hi JoElla
Just thought I would let you know my experience with Repair as I have not used this product before. Absolutely love it, should be a must for aging, oily skin. Makes the skin very firm and matt which is excellent for oiliness. It is fantastic around the eyes under Refresh. The Renew kit is excellent for aging skin but the addition of Repair is a bonus when skin is also oily. Love this product and hope they never change it.  JM


Again thank you so much for your care, attention and helpful information. It is rare in business and much appreciated. Thank you also for your generosity.  I will let you know about my daughter’s progress. As far as my skin is concerned, I have wanted to let you know that the changes, since using Osmosis, are quite remarkable. It did take a few weeks and at first I found it difficult to master the application of some of the products. But then I got the hang of it and I no longer look orange and my skin is better than it ever was using CosMedix. Also with CosMedix, I did have alot of redness and reactions to some of the products. I think Dr Ben Johnson is  wonderful, both for his discoveries but also because he is so decent and honourable in his business philosophy. L

I originally bought the Calm as a preventative measure, thinking my sensitive/excema-prone skin would freak out with the new products, but surprisingly it did not. So I recently started mixing Calm with Refine to use it up but have noticed that in the process, my skin is becoming far less reactive and sensitive so I think I may continue with one more bottle for good measure. Even with Boost there is no excema, no redness, no peeling, no rash, no discomfort, nothing! I am hoping over time my skin will slowly become flawless. 🙂 Thanks for everything! j

Have also got used to the Osmosis colours.  My skin is definitely going through its own osmosis.  I think the eye products are better than eye believe (sometimes I think I just imagine it – but you will say not!!!!).  The pumps are not very sensitive on the eye am and pm but I have found my own system and it works well. JR


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