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Osmosis Mend

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 1, 2008

Osmosis Mend is an introductory product for those with senstivie skin or Rosacea.  It is best to start with this before using Calm.  Sometimes the rosacea might seem worse in the beginning, but the Mend heals from down below making a big difference in the skin. Stick with it for amazing results to the skin.

Mend is an all-natural, liposomal, chirally correct “level one” rosacea/sensitive skin serum that contains
ingredients proven to dramatically improve the skin.

Osmosis’ approach to rosacea is much more proactive than current strategies. Mend is our latest product in this category and it is designed as the introductory product because it is more calming and less stimulating than Calm. What makes these products unique is that they are calming, they repair the barrier (often damaged in rosacea), they rebuild the dermis (which thins faster in rosacea sufferers) and they reduce visible capillaries (retinaldehyde is the only non-prescription, proven treatment for rosacea).

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