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Osmosis, Quench

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 8, 2008

Quench…”The Intense Hydrator”   Quench is an all-natural, luxurious hyaluronic acid and liquid crystal moisturizer that provides various lipids to restore the epidermal barrier.  It may be used by all skin types as it is not oily or does it irritate skin that has potential for breakouts or rosacea.

 This product contains natural moisturizing factors and lipids found naturally in the skin to create a light feeling, intensely hydrating, moisturizer.

 Quench contains high doses of hyaluronic acid which provides a wonderful moisturizing effect. It also uses Argirilene for firming and niacinamide which is proven to help restore the skin’s barrier and feed the skin with its own natural moisturizing factors.  You may purchase this product on my website.  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Osmosis Quench

Osmosis Quench

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