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Osmosis Boost

Posted by JoElla Milan on January 14, 2009

Would you like to do a light peel or exfoliation at home?  Osmosis Boost is a great option.  Exfoliates and yet gentle to the skin.  Boost has Retinaldehyde, which is stronger than retinol, yet more mild. 

Dr. Johnson feels that a switch to Boost, instead of a strong Retinol product is a good move.  Some Retinols are  too harsh on the skin. They have  a low  pH,  low delivery mechanism so the net effect is over-exfoliation which,  makes the skin age faster. Boost with retinaldehyde is 1000 times stronger than l-retinol but more gentle on the skin.

Use alone, or add to your other products for an extra Boost.

To purchase this product, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Osmosis Boost

Osmosis Boost

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