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New! Skin Nutrition By Osmosis, Time To Get Even Younger

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 25, 2010

Osmosis Skin Care is launching Skin Nutrition.  It is their latest product that assists in DNA repair, restoring moisture, plumping without inflammation, collagen/elastin production, hyperpigmentation, scar remodeling, broken capillaries and other signs of aging.  This product is for everyone.

I have been using Skin Nutrition for the last month and can see a big difference in my skin.  Dr. Johnson said to be sure and let you know there may be a week or two to transition to this product.  I have used Catalyst by Osmosis for the last 4 months with amazing results.  When I started with Skin Nutrition,  I noticed at first my skin did not look as good. My underlying pigmentation started showing.  I kept it up and now my skin looks better than ever.   I truly love my skin more now than I did when  I was 20 years younger.

Mix it with Clear by Osmosis or Replenish. Once your skin adjusts, you may add this miracle powder to your other favorite Osmosis serums.

To Purchase this product, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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