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Stem Factor By Osmosis Now Comes in A Smaller Size

Posted by JoElla Milan on January 8, 2011

Stem Factor by Osmosis Skin Care now comes in a small size.  The regular size is 30 mil and the new size is 12.5.  Both are now available. This is exciting news as it allows clients to experience Stem Factor before committing to the larger bottle. If you have been sitting on the fence before purchasing, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience this great product.

Stem Factor is far more advanced than other products that contain Stem Cells which when harvested, create grow factors.  Stem Cells is a remarkable product that brings visable signs of anti-aging.

Growth Factors play a role in all aspects of wound healing including collagen and elastin production, new blood vessel formation, scar tissue revision and removal, melanocyte repair and much more.  As we age, our skin sees a  decline in the number of growth factors available in the skin.  The goal of StemFactor is to restore your skin’s growth factors to a level previously seen when we were young.

For more information and to purchase this product, please go to my website                            http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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