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Dr.Ben Johnson Very Passionate About New Restore Products

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 21, 2012

Dr. Ben Johnson is very excited about his new Restore Immune Repair Products for anti-aging, melasma and a multitude of skin and body conditions.    So much research went into these 2 new Restore products before they were brought to the market.  Restore Internal and Restore Topical.

Restore Internal  Dr. Johnson feels  can help  slow aging to a crawl, heal the body and mind, help keep you from getting sick and likely may help prevent cancer, whiten her teeth, reduce her gum recession and clear her melasma.   It is not a medical product, but a healthy product that falls in the nutraceutical catagory.  Dr. Johnson believe in healing the inside if you want to heal your skin. Restore removes toxins, reduces inflammation and repairs protein damage thus promoting the healing of every tissue, including the skin.

Restore Topical helps correct the areas of inflammation and pigmentation.  It helps to heal the damaged cells that signal the melanocyte  to over produce pigmentation.  Once the cell is healed, it will produce the normal amounts of protective  melanin. making the cells resiliant and strengthening the skin.

To Purchase these products, please go to my website. http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com and click on Osmosis Skin Care.

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