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Use Osmosis Restore and Catalyst at Different Times For Best Results

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 17, 2012

Osmosis Restore Topical and Catalyst  are both such beneficial products for the skin as far as pigmentation and healing.   Dr. Johnson the creator of Osmosis has found that is is best to use Restore Topical and Catalyst at separate times. To use them at the same time may make your skin red temporarily. Here is data from Dr. Johnson.

The hydroxylated amino acids appear to react with the key molecule in Restore in many people. This could reduce the potential of both products as well. For this reason,  Dr. Johnson is now recommending that you can cocktail your products as long as you use Catalyst at a different time. 45-60 minutes are needed for Catalyst to be in the skin before you can be confident that no loss of activity will happen. The alternative is to use Catalyst Plus which does not have hydroxylated amino acids in it because it is designed for that process to occur in the cell (the pro and con of eliminating Vitamin C oxidation in the bottle). Catalyst is proving that it can still be beneficial with once a day applications. For that matter, so is Restore. Some people may want to use one product in the morning and the other at night. Likewise, people with a lot of sun damage may experience some irritation from the significant amount of repair being stimulated by Restore. The skin does better if it is not irritated so do not be afraid to cut back to once a day if that occurs.  Most of the Osmosis products work well when you layering them.

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