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Do Not Purchase Osmosis Skin Care From Unauthorized Dealers

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 18, 2013


     Beware  Of Unauthorized Osmosis Dealers

This below warning is directly from Osmosis Skin Care.  They are asking people to not purchase from the unauthorized dealers.  These people set up phony accounts and do not purchase their products from Osmosis.  You have no recourse with Osmosis with these illegal dealers.

It is so important when using medical grade products or any skin care products to use them properly.  Especially when you are new to a product line, the first 30 days are crucial to proper product use.  I receive many emails daily from people that are not using their products properly and that are having issues.    Also when you are on a website that has no name, address or phone number of the seller, BEWARE.   You have no idea of who you are purchasing from.

Authorized Dealers

All Osmosis Skincare products are formulated with the most advanced ingredients in the world. Osmosis Skincare only sells product to licensed professionals. We cannot ensure freshness, quality or authenticity of products purchased through unauthorized outlets.

Where to Buy

Osmosis strongly recommends purchasing product through licensed skincare professionals at authorized locations in the US. For assistance locating a skincare professional near you or online, use our Store Locator or call us at (877) 777-2305.

Unauthorized Dealers

While some sellers of Osmosis product on eBay, Amazon or other similar sites may have obtained their auction items in a legal manner, some of the Osmosis product showing up on those sites may have been obtained illegally. The most obvious warning sign that product has been obtained illegally is a Seller with large quantities of product priced significantly below standard retail prices.

Below is a list of unauthorized sellers and companies Please be aware that the sellers below have NOT been approved or certified by our company. We do not sell to these companies and therefore we cannot assure the authenticity or condition of any products that they claim to sell. Please also be aware that any use by these sellers of our logo, trademarks and copyrighted material is unauthorized.   For a full list of the  illegal dealers, click on this link to verify before you purchase.  there are a few more dealers that will be added to this soon.
I personally have been with Osmosis since their very first day.  I was with Dr. Ben Johnson at his previous company he created  CosMedix Skin Care.    We have a long professional history and mutual respect for each other.   I love Osmosis skin Care products and want my clients to have a wonderful experience with them.

To purchase these products, please go to my website



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