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Beware of Purchasing Osmosis Skin Care On Amazon and Ebay

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 10, 2013

This has been becoming a very serious problem and one Osmosis Skin Care is actively pursuing closing these places down.   There are stores on Amazon that are not authorized to sell Osmosis, the same with Ebay.  Osmosis does not allow their product line to be sold on either.  They have a list on their website of some of the vendors not to purchase from.  Here is a link to Osmosis for the list of non authorized vendors. http://www.osmosisskincare.com/AuthorizedDealers.aspx

Here is some information you should know.  These people do not have an account with Osmosis.  They set up phony accounts and phony addresses, so that you may not find out who they are.   Some Amazon accounts pretend to be medical oriented.  This is not so.   Many of these individuals are working out of small storage places.  Many of them if you go to the address mentioned, no one is physically there.    These accounts cannot help you with your skin care needs and have no recourse from Osmosis if you have a problem.   They are not purchasing their products directly from Osmosis.  You may be getting products that do not have their endorsement.  If you knew the truth of who you are purchasing from, believe me you would not purchase.  These people go great lengths to hide everything about themselves and their false companies.

In general, when you purchase online, you want to purchase from people that give you their name and address and phone number.  If they do not do so, move on.  Even sites that are only available by email with no other information.  Who is on the other end?  Who are you purchasing from?

I just spoke with a woman that uses a Eye Lash Lengthening product I sell.  She had always had excellent results.  She purchased this same product on Ebay, and it did not work.  It was old and lost its effectiveness.   She came to my place of business to be sure I was real and that my products are fresh.   I was happy to make her comfortable.  I am authorized to sell all of the products that are on my website.

To Purchase Osmosis please go to my website  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com 

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