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The Best Prices and Safest Place to Purchase Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on March 22, 2014


I have sold Osmosis Skin Care from when the company first started.  Prior to that, I sold CosMedix Skin Care, formulated by Dr. Ben Johnson.   I know these products better than just about anyone.  Plus being a licensed esthetician, I understand the dynamics of the products.  Periodically I get upset when I see a phoney company set up and advertise skin care products at a big discount.  One just popped up again this week.  They have been cut off by skin care manufacturers, yet they somehow purchase products and sell them to customers that do not care they are not legitimate.

Many of these companies use an address they are not at, they do not purchase products from the manufacturer, but from elsewhere, they have no product knowledge and no recourse on the products.   Many of these places work out of a little hole in the wall and pretend they are a medical clinic or spa.  If you try to call them, they do not answer the phone, and you can only email them for contact.    If you see that, run.  You have no idea where they purchase their products, if they are fresh, or if they are safe.   It is very serious.

I have been online 20 years.  I take excellent care of my clients.  When my clients purchase from me, if they log in, they will receive special pricing from me.  I value their allegiance.   My prices are the best, my products are the freshest and I can help put you on the right products.    Everyday I receive emails from people that have been told to purchase the wrong products for their skin type and then they are upset.   I have to get them back on track so they do get they products they should be on.   It is important to me that people get the best possible results they can from their skin care products

Please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com  or if you want to go to the Osmosis page directly http://www.karinherzop-jmilan.com




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