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Osmosis Skin Care First Drinkable Sun Cream For Protection

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 19, 2014

This was just posted today in the Daily Mail UK  5/18/2014

World’s first DRINKABLE sun cream goes on sale – and just a teaspoon will offer three hours’ protection

  • Harmonised H20 UV claims to offer wearers factor 30 protection
  • Works by molecules vibrating on skin, cancelling UVA and UVA rays

The days of carrying bottles of suncream to the beach could be over, as the world’s first drinkable SPF is launched.

Harmonised H20 UV claims to provide holidaymakers with up to factor 30 protection, meaning sunbathers could be able to soak up the rays for longer without fear of getting burned.

Once ingested, the product’s liquid molecules vibrate on the skin, cancelling out 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays, according to US company Osmosis Skincare.

The liquid sunscreen – which claims to be the world’s first. There are two varieties available – ‘tanning’ and ‘non tanning’, the former allows users achieve a tan while being protected from harmful sun rays.

It is always suggested to wear additional sunscreen.   If you have sensitive skin, or taking sun sensitizing medication, this is a perfect alternative for you. l It is important to read the directions before going in the sun.

This results in coverage for approximately three hours.  

‘This is similar to the amount of UV reflection created by SPF 30 titanium/zinc sunblocks but distinctly better than UVB chemical sunscreens which prevent certain damage that leads to the visible/painful/inflammation reaction we identify as sun damage.

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