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Tips For Natural Looking Osmosis Colour Pressed Base Powder

Posted by JoElla Milan on June 12, 2014


Osmosis colour_pressedbaseIt makes a difference to apply your Osmosis Colour Pressed Base Powder so it looks natural and luminous.   You want to apply your Base first to hydrated skin.  This can make a big difference.  The results are not as good, if your skin is dry before applying.   Use a brush to apply your base for a more even coverage.  Apply in a circular motion, really pressing the powder into the skin. If you have an area that needs more coverage, apply more base to this area.

Next the key product you need is the Osmosis Colour Mineral Hydration Mist.  Just lightly spray on top of your applied base.   Your makeup will be set for the day and the look will be natural.  The Mineral Mist can make a big difference. It is added hydration for the skin.


To purchase, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com      Be sure to log in first for your discount in the shopping cart.  If you do not log in the discouht does not show.


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