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Osmosis Skin Care, Be Sure To Purchase New Fresh Products

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 1, 2014


osmosis new packagingIn August 2014 Osmosis Skin Care completely changed their packaging.   It is beautiful and much more consumer friendly.   Some skin care websites and Amazon sites are still selling old products.   It is time to stop purchasing them.   In July, Osmosis was selling out what they had in stock, making way for the new products.  August 1st, the new products arrived for us to purchase.  From that point on, I only purchased new products and packaging for my clients as I always promise them what I sell is fresh.

Does it make a difference.  At this point yes.  Products have a 18 month to 2 year shelf life.  Knowing that the products were coming to their end in July 2014,  why would you want to purchase them now when the new packaging and formulas are out on the market.

I always have special pricing for my Loyalty Clients.  Once you register and log in, you become a Loyalty client with special pricing and Rewards Points.    With that being said, why do you want old products.    Amazon you are purchasing old products from people that are not even allowed to sell the Osmosis products, plus most of them are not even licensed as an Esthetician or Physician.  One site I know is a 19 year young man that is interested in cars, not skin care.  He is not licensed and has someone purchase products for him.   I find that very scary.  You are trusting your precious skin to these people.

Do yourself a favor and purchase the new products you deserve.   It will make a difference and you will be getting the expert help you need for your skin care needs


Please go to my website  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com   and Register or Log in.  Once you do, your Loyalty pricing is immediately available.







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