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My Osmosis Sales Keeps Getting Better

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 17, 2014

osmosis new packagingCome visit my website.  I have carried Osmosis since the very beginning.   I love to offer my clients the best advice and freshest products and of course, the best prices.   Osmosis requires that you log in to see the discounted prices.  Until you do, the market price will show.  Once you log in, you will see the automatic lower price.  If you are not a customer, please register and log in.   You are then a loyalty customer.

Right now you get a tremendous savings.  Plus an added bonus of saving even more on Catalyst, Catalyst Plus, Catalyst AC11 and Stem Factor.    It all shows in the shopping cart at checkout.

For you new customers, use the code new and that will give you an extra $5.00 off your purchase.

I am available by email if you have any questions.   jmilanent@gmail.com




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