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Osmosis Skin Care, Buy From Authorized Sellers

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 6, 2014

osmosis new packagingI find it interesting.  There are websites that are selling products.  They have no name, address or phone number.  Only an email address to contact them. Right away I would delete that website.   That means that they are not authorized or approved to sell the products.  They are purchasing their products illegally, and under another name that is not traceable.    Is this who you want to purchase from .   These sites have no knowledge of the products and how they work.   Is it worth it to you, to purchase the wrong products for your skin.     They are not able to go to the manufacturer and get the help you may need, because they are not authorized to sell.

I always keep my Osmosis products at an affordable range for my clients.   I feel I offer some of the best possible prices.  I have knowledge of the Osmosis products and how they work.   I have brand new products and not selling the old packaging products as many websites are.   The products are sent out in a timely manner.  I now offer a trial size with each order over $40.00

You need to register or log in to see the discounted pricing.  Osmosis does not allow us to post discounted pricing.  Please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com    Be sure to log in for the lower price.  It is worth it to you and safer also.

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