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Osmosis Skin Care, Please Use Your Products Correctly

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 22, 2014

OsmosisClear_Plus_100It is so important to use your Osmosis Products correctly.   You want to use the products that are going to work with your skin.  If you are sensitive, you do not want to use something too strong.  If you have acneic skin, Dr. Johnson would like you to start using one of his Harmonized Waters.  Now with the Clarify, you spot treat on the acne use it in conjunction with the Water.   Little things that can make such a difference in your results.

If you use one of the Catalysts or Stem Factor, you want to use the correct A serum.  They all work together bringing you the best results for your skin.  A key product also is Clear.  It helps the products to penetrate better and it is also calming on the skin.

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