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Have You Tried The Osmosis Harmonized Waters? They Do Work

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 22, 2015

harmonized poster picture

Many customers love the Osmosis Harmonized Water.   They consistently sell and my customers depend on them.  The are harmonized energy water.  All natural , no ingredients, holistic. Daily I receive emails from customers telling how much the waters have improved their life.  Some emails are very touching.  It just re-enforces to me that they do work.

In the words of Osmosis On How They Work:

Harmonized Water contains several revolutionary breakthroughs to achieve its success. It helps to balance tissue disharmonies by delivering medicinal radio frequencies to the cells in the form of water. The frequencies we use have been determined by a proprietary math formula (huge breakthrough!) that allows us to reverse engineer most substances to determine what their actual vibrational rate is. We then imprint these frequencies on water molecules through yet another remarkable leap in technology. What we are doing has never before been accomplished. We can impact the cell with a language that is better recognized and more specific than the frequencies released by many drugs. Drinking Harmonized Water results in a modification to the “toxic filter” which allows healthy cellular activity to return. It provides harmony to a disorganized section of anatomy but does not change cells operating in harmony already. It can maximize healthy activity and reduce disharmonic vibrations in a variety of physiologic abnormalities in the body. It is for this reason that there are rarely, if any, side effects.

I personally use these and have seen a difference.   Please go to my website to purchase.  If you register and log in you will see the immediate discounted price in the shopping cart.  Or I have a code for already registered customers.    http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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