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Latest On Osmosis Skin Care New Packaging and The New Osmosis MD Products, Important

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 30, 2019

Very Important News About Osmosis Skin Care,   Must Read

Osmosis has their new products out.  For the consumer, it may be a little confusing.

Osmosis is trying to protect the Osmosis buyers from the people selling illegally on Amazon or Walmart.com.  Also stores selling the products that are not authorized to sell.  Some places purchase their products outside of Osmosis. They are old products they buy elsewhere.

The company is now called Osmosis Beauty. The new products are consumer products called.  Osmosis Skin Care.   This is the regular line ,which is  for non professionals to sell. These people that do not do facials or have a place of business for Facials.   They will not have a full line of  products and the prices are less. The formulations are less strong.

The line I will be carrying is the Osmosis MD line.  This will be basically the same products the previous Osmosis Skin Care. Most of the names are the same as now, with a few new names for some products.   The all new packaging will say Osmosis MD.  If it does not say MD, it is the lesser efficacy products

If you see MD products on Walmart.com, know they are illegally selling.

Good news for the customers that like Deep Clean.  They will be bringing that back in the MD line only.

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