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Osmosis Beauty, Osmosis MD. Our Prices Are The Best, We Are Authorize Sellers,

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 14, 2019


We sell the Osmosis MD.  This is the one your want.  It is the Original Osmosis Skin Care, but now called Osmosis MD.  It is only sold by professionals. This one gives you the results you want.  As a Licensed Esthetician, I am happy to help you pick the right products.

The Consumer Line, Osmosis Skin Care, is the Consumer Line and 20% weaker than the MD.  You will see it on Amazon or Walmart.com and even on the Osmosis Website.  It is sold by non professionals.  It may be good for beginners, but those of you that love Osmosis, you need the Osmosis MD.

It is best to log in for the best prices.  It is worth it.  Osmosis does not allow discounted prices posted.  So, Log in and save or you may use our coupon code save for your discount without logging in.


http:  www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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