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Osmosis MD, Two Products To Change Your Skin.

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 6, 2019

                                                                                                                                  Osmosis MD Catalyst AC11 and Renew


You may use these separately or together.  If you use them together, use twice per day. Add a drop or several drops of each into your hand, mix and apply to the skin.  You should see less wrinkles and a more even skin tone.  You may also use each product alone. You may also alternate their use.  Together they are more powerful.

Catalyst AC11 
Reverse aging in the skin, reduce pigmentation,decrease scar tissue,clear capillaries and increase skin elasticity. Tighten Eye Lids

The strongest treatment serum. Stimulates collagen 1000 times more than regular retinols. .9 collagen stimulators counter fine lines and wrinkles.  Evens skin tone.


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