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Price Guarantee On The New Osmosis MD Products

Posted by JoElla Milan on July 4, 2019


I have sure many of you are confused now.  Osmosis Skin Care changed their name to Osmosis Beauty.  Their new skin care line Osmosis Skin Care is 20% less in efficacy.  Plus you will notice the names of the products are different.  They designed this new line for the none professionals and what you will probably find them on Amazon, and Walmart.com.

The line that was previously Osmosis Skin Care is now Osmosis MD.  This one you must have a license to sell as was required before. They are the same great products that most of you have grown to love.   The only difference is they are now called Osmosis MD and they have a beautiful new packaging.

We offer excellent prices for our customers.  If you log in you will see an immediate discount in the shopping cart.   If you do not want to log in, use the code save for your discount on Osmosis only.  Either way our prices are the best, plus they are new products, we are authorized sellers and we charge no shipping in the US.

We have a price guarantee.   

If you find the new Osmosis MD at a lower price, we will match it.  Not the old blue and white packaging.  We look forwards to hearing from you.




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Osmosis Skin Care If You Love Catalyst, Buy Now

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 11, 2016

OsmosisCatalyst_AC11_30mL_300pxIf you love Osmosis Catalyst, enjoy my special.  I always off the best prices on Osmosis.   Once you log in and become a preferred customer, you may automatically
take advantage of the lower prices.   They show in the shopping cart.  I feel it is very important to purchase from a professional so you use the correct products.  Not Amazon.  You never know what you are getting plus you may buy a product that is not correct for you.

Catalyst, the Original one. is a long time favorite with many customers.  It is healing on the skin  Anti-aging too
Catalyst Plus for those of you that cannot tolerate Catalyst.  The Catalyst Plus is the most gentle on the skin.  It is healing and hydrating and helps beat aging and restores the skin.
Catalyst AC11 is the latest Catalyst.  It is perfect for healing also.  It heals acne, restores the skin from aging.and sun damage. It is the Catalyst now that Osmosis prefers you start with.

Osmosis Top Selling Product is Stem Factor.  I always have the best price for my customers.  I want you to experience these wonderful products

Please go to our website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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I have Extra Savings for You On Osmosis Skin Care Products Time To Buy

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 15, 2016

osmosis new packagingI love Osmosis Skin Care and have sold the products since the company began.  The products are excellent and my customers love them. I always have specials for my
customers.  All you have to do it Register and Log In.  Once you do, the discounted prices come up for you. If you do not log in you will not see your special prices.  I
have to keep reinforcing this as daily so many people come to my site and do not log in.  It makes me sad as they are not able to purchase the products they love at
a special price

Our products are always fresh plus we can give you the expert advice that you need to use them properly.  Osmosis does not allow for their products to be sold on Amazon
or Ebay.  The people selling there are getting the products illegally plus they have no knowledge of the products they are selling.  Daily I have people ask me how to use the
products. Plus they find out they purchased something that is not correct for them.

I want to keep this from happening. I want my customers to have an excellent experience. I feel protective.

Please visit us at http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com  

I guarantee it is worth it for you.  Aside from the regular discount I have a bonus savings on Stem Factor, Rescue, Catalyst and Catalyst AC11.  Log in and take advantage.
You may also use the code save.

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Purchasing Skin Care On Amazon Or E Bay Does Not Save You Money

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 22, 2013

I am surprised when I look at some of the skin care products on Amazon and E bay.  The prices are not all that great.  Plus the fact the manufacturers do not allow their products to be sold there.   Many times you are purchasing old products or counterfeit products.  Some times they are brought in from other countries. The people that are selling them are not purchasing them legally.  If you have a problem with the product, you have no recourse.

I must receive several emails per day from someone that purchased their products from an unauthorized seller.  They have no idea how to use the products or they are having a problem because they purchased the wrong product.

I know I do whatever I can to make a buying experience affordable for my clients and I have excellent knowledge of all the products I sell.   As a licensed esthetician, I am trained in the products I offer my clients, and I use them in my treatment room.

Purchase at excellent prices, learn to use your products correctly and feel confident you purchased the right thing for your skin care needs.  You want to be sure to register and log in first. And you earn rewards towards future purchases.







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Beware of Purchasing Osmosis Skin Care On Amazon and Ebay

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 10, 2013

This has been becoming a very serious problem and one Osmosis Skin Care is actively pursuing closing these places down.   There are stores on Amazon that are not authorized to sell Osmosis, the same with Ebay.  Osmosis does not allow their product line to be sold on either.  They have a list on their website of some of the vendors not to purchase from.  Here is a link to Osmosis for the list of non authorized vendors. http://www.osmosisskincare.com/AuthorizedDealers.aspx

Here is some information you should know.  These people do not have an account with Osmosis.  They set up phony accounts and phony addresses, so that you may not find out who they are.   Some Amazon accounts pretend to be medical oriented.  This is not so.   Many of these individuals are working out of small storage places.  Many of them if you go to the address mentioned, no one is physically there.    These accounts cannot help you with your skin care needs and have no recourse from Osmosis if you have a problem.   They are not purchasing their products directly from Osmosis.  You may be getting products that do not have their endorsement.  If you knew the truth of who you are purchasing from, believe me you would not purchase.  These people go great lengths to hide everything about themselves and their false companies.

In general, when you purchase online, you want to purchase from people that give you their name and address and phone number.  If they do not do so, move on.  Even sites that are only available by email with no other information.  Who is on the other end?  Who are you purchasing from?

I just spoke with a woman that uses a Eye Lash Lengthening product I sell.  She had always had excellent results.  She purchased this same product on Ebay, and it did not work.  It was old and lost its effectiveness.   She came to my place of business to be sure I was real and that my products are fresh.   I was happy to make her comfortable.  I am authorized to sell all of the products that are on my website.

To Purchase Osmosis please go to my website  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com 

Click on Osmosis Skin Care

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