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Osmosis Mend is Gone, Calm Is the Product For Rosacea

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 10, 2011

Osmosis Skin Care has been making changes in some of their products.   For Rosacea you had the choice of Mend as a product you used when you were new to the line.  Calm was the product you moved up to once your skin adjusted to Mend.

Now Dr. Johnson has lowered the amount of retinaldehyde in the Calm and “Calm has replaced Mend”  No more Mend.  The new Calm is more gentle and will give even better results that you received from Mend.

Dr. Johnson has a strong belief in not traumatizing the skin by using harsh products that can affect the skins barriers.   That is why he is now lowering the amount of retinaldehyde in his products.  With the incredible state of the art ingredients in his product line, the lower retinaldehyde allows the total ingredients in each product to repair and remodel the skin.

Use any of the new products with Catalyst and Stem Factor for some truly amazing results for your skin.  Osmosis now takes your skin to a new level for anti-aging and most of your skin care issues.

To purchase this product, please go to my website, and click on Osmosis  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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Osmosis Skin Care Latest Update On Product Changes

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 17, 2011


Osmosis Skin Care has some changes to their existing products.  Dr. Johnson the creator of Osmosis through his research, wants to bring clients the best results for their skin care needs.

As I have been sharing with you, there are some changes with Osmosis.   I will only tell you what is important now and then update you as the other changes come through.
First of all, for all you Boost lovers, Osmosis is not going to continue making Boost. Why?  Some skin can tolerate Boost.  Osmosis feels it works best when use with other balanced botanicals.  People tend to use too much Boost and not enough of their other serums,  Osmosis now suggests you use 3 pumps of Renew to replace Boost.   There is enough Boost for another 3 or 4 weeks in inventory.  Then it will be finished.  If you want to purchase  Boost, now is the time.  It is an excellent product, and everyone was very apprehensive to stop making it.  There are not many excellent products like Boost for home use.

Shelter is much improved.  Now it is 30 SPF and easier to apply.  They have added more anti-oxidants and less zinc.   It smells divine, is lighter and more moisturizing.

Refresh PM is in its new tube.  It is more hydrating and plumping.  They have removed the retinaldehyde to make it less irritating to some skin.  You may also use it on the lips and add a little to your Quench to make it a heavy moisturizer.

Now to confuse you.   Mend is no longer going to be made as Mend.  It is going to be called Calm.  Calm will be Mend, only with a different name.   So when you are ready for Mend, you will order Calm.  The new Calm is not ready yet, so the regular formula Calm is still available.

Osmosis has merged Mend and Calm because they want to make sure that the end-user gets a balanced assortment of beneficial ingredients with each application. If/When the client can increase the amount of actives in their regimen, they will better tolerate Catalyst and StemFactor if they have no more than the therapeutic dose of retinaldehyde in their skin.

New Tip: Adding Skin Nutrition powder to your regimen also dramatically improves their overall outcome and Digestive Health and Clear Skin will help heal the cause of rosacea for many clients as well.

Easy Breakdown of Products

For anti-aging

For Rosacea

To purchase these products, please go to my website  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Stem Factor Your Map To Younger Skin

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 9, 2011

StemFactor by Osmosis Skin Care helps to increase the production of collagen and improving and smoothing your lines and wrinkles.  We all want that.  It is also beneficial in wound repair at the cellular level, affecting results to even out your skin tone and improve elasticity.

Overall, it enhances the repair of damaged cells and encourages the formation of new cells.  This makes the collagen and elastin.

The suggested usage is twice per day.  You may want to start once a day until your skin adjusts to the products.  For advanced results, use with an Osmosis Treatment Serum such as Correct, Mend, Clarify. For really great results, I suggest you use Catalyst and Stem Factor together.   If that is not possible, start with one product and add as you go along.  You will be happy with your results.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com


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Say Goodbye To Rosacea With Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 4, 2010

Say goodbye to Rosacea with the easy to use products by Osmosis Skin Care. The newest product to add for rosacea would be the Catalyst.  This is so healing and anti-aging.   Then you want to purchase their Cleanse, Clear, Mend, Quench and Repair if you want a healing mask.  These products come in a kit or you may purchase individually.

There are the sample sizes 12.5 mil you may purchase now, 30 mil size or some products come in even larger sizes.

If you have not had results before on rosacea, give Osmosis a chance. I have so many testimonials from rosacea clients on how Osmosis changed their skin.

You will find your skin is calmer, the red will slowly disappear and you will have the beautiful skin you always dreamed of.  With rosacea, you want to hydrate the skin and kill the bacteria.  Both are imperative.  Using a product that drys the skin will only make rosacea worse.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Help Clear Up Your Rosacea with Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 11, 2010

Have you had to deal with Rosacea your whole life and nothing has helped.  You need to try Osmosis Skin Care. There is a 5 piece kit that comes with every product you need.  Also you may purchase one piece at a time.  I will be happy to guide you as your skin progresses and you want to add products.

You will want to start with Mend.  The is an introductory product for rosacea . Perfect for sensitive skin.  Some people have such great results with Mend, they want to continue with it.  After Mend, you may move up to Calm. Calm is twice as strong, but does wonders for the skin.  More clarity, less redness, no more rosacea breakouts.

I also suggest you start with Clear. This is a frequency water that calms the skin and brings it into balance.  You will see a big difference with these 2 products.  If you want to add a cleanser,   Cleanse is the perfect choice.

For more information, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com   also email me at jmilanent@gmail.com if you have questions.

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Osmosis Masks for Rosacea

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 25, 2010

I have 2 wonderful masks by Osmosis Skin Care that you can do at home.  Either the Plum or the  Spiced Apple Mask.   Add a little of the Calming Liposomal Powder and you have another treatment.    Mix the powders in with a small amount of mask.  Mix well and then apply to clean dry face.  Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.    It is always best to start out slow and leave the mask on for 2 to 3 minutes at first to be sure your face is not sensitive.

Follow the treatment with Mend or Calm and Quench for hydration.  Use Osmosis Light Therapy for rosacea for added results.

To purchase these products, please go to my website,  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Try the Osmosis Starter Kit for Rosacea

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 2, 2010

Osmosis Skin Care has a wonderful kit for Rosacea  All you need in 1 oz bottles.  The Cleanse is larger.  Perfect for travel also.  In the kit you will receive.

Cleanse 57 mil   Gentle hydrating  Cleanser for your skin

Clear 57 mil    Frequency water to bring your skin to the perfect balance.  It is calming and healing.

Mend 30 mil   Mend is a treatmelnt serum that will calm the skin and help rid it of the effects of rosacea.

Quench 30 mil  A beautiful Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates the skin without clogging the pores.  Perfect for all skin type and weather.

Shelter 30 mil   The perfect sunscreen that protects and will not clog the pores.

You need to give a full 30 days to see results.  You skin will rid the impurities that have caused the rosacea.  You will be happy with the results.

To purchase, please go to my website, http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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With Osmosis Skin Care You Must Use The Products Properly

Posted by JoElla Milan on January 13, 2010

If you are not receiving the results you would like with your Osmosis products, you might have purchased the wrong products for you. I receive calls daily from someone who was given the wrong information on how to use their products.   When you have issues such as rosacea, you need to start with Mend and not Calm. If you are sensitive start with Correct and not Renew.

Some of you might need to use the products once a day to start.  Twice per day might be too much for you until your skin adjusts to the products.  It takes a good 30 days for your skin to adjust to a new skin are line. I prefer you purchase a few products and get started.  You may add more as your skin starts showing the results you would like.  It is free shipping in the US, so now is the right time start.

My clients have had phenomenal results from Osmosis. Results they hae not experienced with any other skin care product.

To purchase these products, or for more information please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Skin Care Now Has LED Lights

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 28, 2009

Osmosis Skin Care now has LED lights for Anti-Aging, Rosacea and Acne.  Three different lights for each skin issue.   Just use 12 minutes per  day or 3 minutes on each area you want to treat.

Use along with Osmosis Serums for best results.  The light for acne  calms the skin and helps the acne heal.  The light for rosacea is very calming and helps to keep your rosacea in check.  Use with either Calm or Mend for best results.

The Anti-aging LED may be used with any of your anti-aging products.  Renew, Replenish, Correct or the new Catalyst.  See results in several weeks.

Dr. Johnson is very excited to share these lights to you and give you the skin you always dreamed of.

To purchase these products, please go to my website:  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Skin Care For Rosacea

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 22, 2009

Osmosis Skin Care has products just to help you with these frustrating skin issues

1.  Inflammation and redness

2. Rapid loss of collagen and elastin

3. Increased visibility of blood vessels

4. Swollen, painful and/or acneic skin

5. Damaged barrier from shortage of skin nutrients.

Osmosis will help to improve your skin. Their liposomal retinal is the only non-prescription ingredient proven to treat the symptoms of rosacea including being a gentle antibacterial.

These are the recommended products







Purchase the kit, which has what you need, in 5  30mil bottles included in a travel bag.

To purchase these products, please go to my website, http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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