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Important Recommendations For The Corona Virus, From Osmosis Wellness

Posted by JoElla Milan on March 15, 2020

Important Recommendations For The Corona Virus, from Dr. Johnson

Dr Johnson recommends

Your solution to flush out toxins and viruses while strengthening your immunity.

Immune Defense Elixer

An innovative supplement designed to neutralize disharmonies in the body and mind caused by
pathogens, viruses and toxicity.
Actively harmonizes, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and potential sources of autoimmune diseases
Targets cold and flu symptoms

Drink full dose within 60 minutes. Recommended Dose: Up to 100 lbs: 1 bottle 101 – 200 lbs: 2 bottles 201 – 300 lbs: 3 bottles

The body uses oxygen to heal, fight bugs, and repair damage. Our Immune Activator contains a patented, stabilized oxygen molecule that empowers the immune system, enhancing overall immunity inside and out. Naturally boost immunity and thius detox supplement to help repair cells and improve hyperpigmentation.
Provides internal defense against oxidative stress to detoxify and activate repair improving pigmentation and compromised skin.
Strengthens overall immunity and oxygenates the cells
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These are not medical products or meant as medical advice or cures.  Only recommendations for those of you that use the products.

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