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Osmosis Skin Care Suggests Detoxing. Check Out Their Easy Plan

Posted by JoElla Milan on March 5, 2014

Osmosis Spring Detox

Osmosis Skin Care has always prided themselves on being a leader in detoxing. Their excellent products  Environmental Protection, Inner Harmony, and Restore Internal are excellent tools to strengthen the body’s immune system and reduce the burden your body faces every day.

Topically you can also help your skin detox by using their Deep Clean to cleanse topical impurities and Purifying Clay Mask to help draw them out. You will feel so much better and your skin will respond more dramatically to the changes Osmosis Skincare demands!

I have used all of these products and know they work.  The good news is that they are healthy and non toxic.

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Osmosis Skin Care Has 3 New Masks

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 13, 2010

Osmosis Skin Care has just come out with 3 new masks for each of your skin care needs.

Purifying  Clay Mask for enlarged pores, helps remove impurities.  It is anti-bacterial, and excellent for acne and oily skin.

Brighteing Gel Mask to help lighten pigmentation, hydrate and  calm the skin.

Hydrating Herb Mask.  It is creamy and will re-invigorate the skin help stimulate and excellent for circulation.  It is anti-bacterial.

Apply the masks to a clean face.  Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse.  Apply your favorite Osmosis products after wards.

To purchase these products, please go to my website  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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