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How To Do Osmosis Skin Care Hydrating Facial

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 30, 2019

Osmosis Hydrating Facial   Use all or part of these great products

STEP 1 CLEANSE: Use a small to medium amount of Lift Away Cleansing Balm. Mix it in your hands with water and massage into skin to dissolve impurities and makeup while maintaining barrier health.  Remove with a warm towel. Cleanse a second time with 1 pump of Cleanse or Purify to prepare the skin for gentle exfoliation.

STEP 2 You may use Polish here and leave on according to directions if you want to exfoliate the skin. add Clear or Clear Plus+.and massage it in.  Remove all excess product with warm towel.

STEP 3 SERUMS: Cocktail 1 pump of StemFactor Growth Factor Serum with 1 pump of Replenish
Antioxidant Repair Serum Massage into the skin until absorbed.

STEP 4 MASSAGE: Use 1-2 pumps of Nourish Organic Facial Oil and massage into the face, neck, and décolleté for 5–10 minutes, or until oil is well absorbed. Remove any remaining product with a warm towel.

STEP 5 MASK: Scoop a small amount of Remedy Healing Balm and press gently into the skin. After 5-10 minutes, remove with warm towel.

STEP 7 EYE TEATMENT: With ring finger apply Refresh PM to eye area and lips .

STEP 8 HYDRATE: Apply Enrich Restorative Night Crème to deliver moisture deep into the skin and add luminosity.

STEP 9 SUN PROTECTION: Apply Protect SPF 30 and/or Colour Mineral Powders for sun protection and even skin tone.


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Important Answered Questions On Osmosis Skin Care From Webinar With Dr. Johnson

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 21, 2019


Important Answered Questions On Osmosis from Webinar With Dr. Johnson 

All of the Osmosis products help rebuild collagen.  All of Osmosis products may be used on the eye lids too.

Stem Factor
Helps restore the skin.  150 different growth factors. Heals, helps with pigmentation,  Helps build new collagen, new cells, and elastin.

Catalyst AC11
One of the strongest vitamin C’s you can purchase.  If you have a bottle a long time, it gets stronger and not weaker. Increases collagen, elastin, wound healing, skin tags.broken capillaries, scarring, pigmentation.
Dr Johnson also mentioned if you have a skin tag and want to speed the results, put a band aid on it.

Rescue  One of Dr Johnson’s favorite products.  Calms inflammation, helps pigmentation. age spots, acne, rosacea,   Different than most pigmentation products. Rescue helps heal it and keeps it from coming back unless you abuse the sun again.

A Serums 
Made with Retinaldedhyde, which is the safest form or retinol.  He feels retinaldhyde is so important to the skin as far as restoring the skin, anti-aging. Renew, Correct, Calm

Refresh PM
Is excellent to put on the lips for anti-aging.  Helps with the lines and dry lips. Excellent anti-aging for the eyes.

Dr Johnson said not to over do it.  You may use Stem Factor, AC11, Rescue and an A serum at one time.  He also said you may just want to alternate them and not use them altogether.  Use some in the AM and then PM.

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At These Prices, Pick Up What You Need With Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 20, 2018


Osmosis Skin Care is so simple, once you understand how to use it.  I have sold this product since the company started.   It is so important to purchase from licensed Esthetician so you do understand how to use it.

You may want to use one of the Catalyst Serums.  It is their Vitamin C.  They make Catalyst AC11 which is perfect for anti-aging, breakouts, or skin you want to repair.  Then they make Catalyst Plus for those of you that are a little more sentive.

Try one of the Treatment Serums, which is a Retinol Serum made of Retinaldehyde.  Much more gentle on the skin than many strong retinol products.  Calm is for Rosacea or sensitive skin,  Correct is for people just starting out to restore the skin.  It is milder and safe.  The stronger is Renew which really helps the skin, once your skin is ready for a stronger product.  You may want to start off once a day or every other day to start.

Clear is a very important product.  You spray it on after the other products and massage it into the skin.  It is hydrating and anti-bacterial.  It helps the products penetrate better into the skin.

For those of you interested in anti-aging, Stem Factor is excellent.  Made up of Stem Cells.  It helps restore, hydrate, help with skin tags, abused skin.  Excellent to use with micro-rolling.

This is a good start, then you may look at the other fine Osmosis products.

You need to log in for the discounted prices.  Osmosis does not allow lower pricing to be advertised.  We always have the best prices and excellent inventory.





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Osmosis Stem Factor, Why Is It Number One?

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 28, 2018

I have sold Osmosis Skin Care over 10 years.  Stem Factor has always been at the top of the list of most important products.   My clients love their skin when they use Stem Factor.

It contains over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells. This helps create this magical serum that improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage. Advanced technology utilizing exosomes that encapsulate the growth factors and proteins increasing penetration, stability and activating more receptors to enhance results.. It gently restores the repair process and stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyperpigmentation and reverse aging.

Try using it with Catalyst AC11 for even better results.  More even skin tone. It appears to improve aging benefits for the skin.

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What Do The Experts Suggest From Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 23, 2018

We always offer the best prices on Osmosis Skin Care for Our Customers.  Just go to our website and log in and you will see your immediate discount in the shopping cart.



These products are suggest by some of the experts at Osmosis Skin Care.  They are all on our website.







Finishing Powder


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Some Great Ideas To Use Osmosis Stem Factor for Anti-aging

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 11, 2016


Osmosis Stem Factor is a top selling product, and we have the best prices.  It is anti-aging and healing.  It can make a big change in the skin. 150 different growth factors that are derived from Adult Stem Cells. It repairs and restores the skin and stimulates cells to build collagen and elastin.

Another selling point is that Stem Factor is water Soluble.  Use it in conjunction with your favorite skin care devices. Use it right along with your device.  It gets pushed right into the skin for better penetration.  I personally use it on my clients when I do micro-needling treatments.  In time you can really see results.

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I have Extra Savings for You On Osmosis Skin Care Products Time To Buy

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 15, 2016

osmosis new packagingI love Osmosis Skin Care and have sold the products since the company began.  The products are excellent and my customers love them. I always have specials for my
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Our products are always fresh plus we can give you the expert advice that you need to use them properly.  Osmosis does not allow for their products to be sold on Amazon
or Ebay.  The people selling there are getting the products illegally plus they have no knowledge of the products they are selling.  Daily I have people ask me how to use the
products. Plus they find out they purchased something that is not correct for them.

I want to keep this from happening. I want my customers to have an excellent experience. I feel protective.

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So Many Great Savings and Gifts With Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on March 10, 2016

OsmosisClear100Go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com     Check out the gift with purchases and Log in for your Preferred Price.   Perfect time to save.  I feel it is so important to use Osmosis Clear Activating Mist. lt is their anti-bacterial hydrating serum.  Perfect to spray on top of your products for more penetration and to use throughout the day for extra hydration.   If you are acneic it is the perfect spray for you also.

Purchase $100.00 and receive a Free Clear value $30.  Use code clear after you log in.  Plus see your discount when you log in.

Or purchase $225 and receive a free Trial Size Stem Factor plus your discount after you log in.  Stem Factor is their top selling product for reversing aging, and healing the skin.

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Purchase Osmosis Skin Care Key Products and Save and Look Younger

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 21, 2016

osmosis new packaging

Osmosis Skin Care has so many wonderful products for the skin.  The tops products you may want to look at are

Stem Factor to reverse aging,  restoring the skin, plump the skin, even the skin tone, firm and tone.

Catalyst AC 11 is perfect for almost everyone.  It will reverse aging, even the tone, firm, tone, helpful with acne,

Replenish is a food for the skin. An antioxidant.  It helps make the skin healthy and hydrated.  It will give you that JLO Glow.

Please go to my website to read up on the products.  You are welcome to email me if you have questions.  jmilanent@gmail.com


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Osmosis Skin Care Mini Facial

Posted by JoElla Milan on June 26, 2015

clipart woman getting facialI know some of you at home love facials and are not sure what to do.  I love to give my customers ideas of ways they may care for their skin.  This is just a short easy Osmosis facial to do:

Cleanse the skin and rinse.

Apply Polish a light Enzyme Mask and Massage into the skin.

Apply a few sprays of Clear on the Polish while you are massaging. This helps the products to penetrate

Massage for a few minutes and rinse.

Follow by applying Stem Factor or Quench. 

Nice and easy and excellent results.

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