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Pick The Right Osmosis Skin Care Products For You at The Best Price

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 16, 2017


I receive so many phone calls from people that have no idea how to use their Osmosis products.  The sad thing about that, is they are not seeing the results they should.  It is imperative for best results to use the products best suited for your skin.

Osmosis makes products for anti-aging, acne, rosacea, sun damage, and more.   Just purchasing a few random products is not going to do you any good.  If you want to do that, then purchase the basic travel kit or the anti-aging travel kit. That way you are trying various products that will last you several weeks.

Our website is set up so that you receive the best prices if you register or log in.  Then the prices are automatically discounted in the shopping cart. Or use the code save for a flat discount.  We love to see you have wonderful results for your skin. If you can afford to purchase what you need, then you will get on the correct regime for you.  Earn Rewards and Gift With Purchase



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Osmosis Clear Activating Water Free Gift With Purchase

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 4, 2017



Osmosis Clear Activating Water is so important to the Osmosis products.   It helps the products penetrate into the skin better.  It is anti-bacterial.  Wonderful to use throughout the day.  If you work out and don’t have time to rinse your face, give it a spray of Clear.

Purchase $225 less your discount after logging in and receive a full size Clear.  Purchase $75 less your discount after logging in and receive a free Trial Size Clear.

This will make a big difference in the results you see on your skin.  Perfect to use with the Catalyst products.  They will blend in with the skin so much easier.

Please visit our website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com   If you log in you will see your Osmosis immediate discount.  You may also use the code save. 


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Christmas Ideas For Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 6, 2016

osmosistravelkit_aging_thumbnailWe offer the best prices on our Osmosis Skin Care.  Just log in and you will see an automatic discount on the products you love.  So easy.  Always fresh products that make a difference on your skin. Plus you will save.

Try one of the Osmosis Holiday Kits   Not sure what to buy for a present?  These will give you some excellent ideas.

Try the Anti-Aging Kit.  It will give the person you are buying for the opportunity to try out 5 of Osmosis top products.  Perfect idea. 10 days to 2 weeks worth of products to try.

Also try several of the Osmosis Colour products. Excellent makeup and beauty products. Put together a few beautiful colors. Give someone a bag full.

http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com.   Or use code save a Express Shopping


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Some Great Ideas To Use Osmosis Stem Factor for Anti-aging

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 11, 2016


Osmosis Stem Factor is a top selling product, and we have the best prices.  It is anti-aging and healing.  It can make a big change in the skin. 150 different growth factors that are derived from Adult Stem Cells. It repairs and restores the skin and stimulates cells to build collagen and elastin.

Another selling point is that Stem Factor is water Soluble.  Use it in conjunction with your favorite skin care devices. Use it right along with your device.  It gets pushed right into the skin for better penetration.  I personally use it on my clients when I do micro-needling treatments.  In time you can really see results.

We always offer the best prices on Osmosis.  You need to log in and choose JoElla Milan Preferred Customers.  It is worth it to you.  Great savings and always fresh products.  I love to make using the best products affordable for my customers.


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Osmosis Skin Care Immerse Is The Perfect Moisturizer for The Winter

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 16, 2016

osmosisimmersenewMy Osmosis Immerse sales have really increased since the weather started getting colder.  It is the perfect moisturizer when your skin feels dry.  You can feel it working as soon as you apply it to your skin.  Plus all natural ingredients, so you know you are double protecting yourself.  It also promotes wound healing. Immerse contains powerful antioxidants from raspberry oil, vitamin E, and calendula along with barrier-restoring natural lipids.

You may also use it along with Quench if you do not want as much moisture.  Quench is Hyaluronic Acid and perfect if you add a little Immerse with it.  Perfect under your makeup also.  It gives you a smooth hydrated look.

Please go to my website and save.  You may log in for immediate discounts.  I have some great savings.  You may also use code save for a flat discount.  Always fresh products.  If you need help picking out your products let us know.


To go right to the Osmosis page, click here

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Osmosis Mosquito Protection Harmonized Water For Extra Safety

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 29, 2016

Mosquito’s are never welcomed.  Especially right now the the Zika Virus.   You need to take every precaution you can.  Help protect yourself from those pesky bugs using frequencies that mosquitos find annoying! One hour after taking the Mosquito Protection, the frequencies will be vibrating at the skin level and will deter mosquito’s from landing on you. It has been reported this is near 100% effective, you can expect the occasional mosquito to irregularly break through.
Doses should be repeated every 3-hours that you plan to be exposed to the elements. There are no odors or side effects making this the perfect protection from mosquito’s as it creates a vibrating shield from head to toe without any chemicals or harmful ingredients.
Take 2ml 1 hour prior to going outside (1.5 hours if there is any food in your stomach). Individuals weighing over 175lbs may need 3ml. Individuals under 75lb can use 1ml. The dose should be repeated after three hours if remaining outside. Intense exercise will cause the protection to diminish over 30-40 minutes.
This extra protection is worth it. Please go to my Osmosis page and log in for automatic discounted prices.  You want to register in the JoElla Milan Preferred Customer Group.

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Osmosis Skin Care If You Love Catalyst, Buy Now

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 11, 2016

OsmosisCatalyst_AC11_30mL_300pxIf you love Osmosis Catalyst, enjoy my special.  I always off the best prices on Osmosis.   Once you log in and become a preferred customer, you may automatically
take advantage of the lower prices.   They show in the shopping cart.  I feel it is very important to purchase from a professional so you use the correct products.  Not Amazon.  You never know what you are getting plus you may buy a product that is not correct for you.

Catalyst, the Original one. is a long time favorite with many customers.  It is healing on the skin  Anti-aging too
Catalyst Plus for those of you that cannot tolerate Catalyst.  The Catalyst Plus is the most gentle on the skin.  It is healing and hydrating and helps beat aging and restores the skin.
Catalyst AC11 is the latest Catalyst.  It is perfect for healing also.  It heals acne, restores the skin from aging.and sun damage. It is the Catalyst now that Osmosis prefers you start with.

Osmosis Top Selling Product is Stem Factor.  I always have the best price for my customers.  I want you to experience these wonderful products

Please go to our website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Get The Best Products At The Buy Now Prices

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 31, 2016

osmosis new packagingFor My Preferred Customers I offer them fantastic prices on their Osmosis Skin Care and all the skin care products we carry.   When you Register and log in, the discounted price will show for you automatically..  If you do not log in the retail price is only visible
Being a registered preferred customer saves you money on all your favorite products.  I also have special offers on certain products that changes every few days.  Our products are always fresh and our orders go out quickly.  We also offer excellent advice on how to use the products correctly.

Online over 20 years.  Purchase from someone you can trust.




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I have Extra Savings for You On Osmosis Skin Care Products Time To Buy

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 15, 2016

osmosis new packagingI love Osmosis Skin Care and have sold the products since the company began.  The products are excellent and my customers love them. I always have specials for my
customers.  All you have to do it Register and Log In.  Once you do, the discounted prices come up for you. If you do not log in you will not see your special prices.  I
have to keep reinforcing this as daily so many people come to my site and do not log in.  It makes me sad as they are not able to purchase the products they love at
a special price

Our products are always fresh plus we can give you the expert advice that you need to use them properly.  Osmosis does not allow for their products to be sold on Amazon
or Ebay.  The people selling there are getting the products illegally plus they have no knowledge of the products they are selling.  Daily I have people ask me how to use the
products. Plus they find out they purchased something that is not correct for them.

I want to keep this from happening. I want my customers to have an excellent experience. I feel protective.

Please visit us at http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com  

I guarantee it is worth it for you.  Aside from the regular discount I have a bonus savings on Stem Factor, Rescue, Catalyst and Catalyst AC11.  Log in and take advantage.
You may also use the code save.

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Osmosis Skin Care New Sugar Detox Harmonized Water . A Must Have

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 3, 2016

osmosissugardetoxThis is truly amazing.  Sugar Detox  is specifically designed to address all aspects of sugar and sweetener overload.  This Harmonized Water contains frequencies that help balance the pancreas, improve sugar utilization, detox sweeteners from the liver.

All of Osmosis Harmonized Waters help a key part of the body or a certain skin or body issue.   People purchase them over and over again, so I know they work.  I have sold them for years with many happy customers.

You can save on our website once you log in for the best prices. It is worth it.


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