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These Are The Products Osmosis MD Recommends For Serums

Posted by JoElla Milan on November 24, 2019


Protocol Treatments for Skin Types

        Osmosis MD

Calm, Correct, Renew Rescue StemFactor, Replenish

Rescue Catalyst AC-11.Clarify

Rescue StemFactor

Catalyst AC-11, Rescue, Clarify


Find These On Our Website 


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At These Prices, Pick Up What You Need With Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 20, 2018


Osmosis Skin Care is so simple, once you understand how to use it.  I have sold this product since the company started.   It is so important to purchase from licensed Esthetician so you do understand how to use it.

You may want to use one of the Catalyst Serums.  It is their Vitamin C.  They make Catalyst AC11 which is perfect for anti-aging, breakouts, or skin you want to repair.  Then they make Catalyst Plus for those of you that are a little more sentive.

Try one of the Treatment Serums, which is a Retinol Serum made of Retinaldehyde.  Much more gentle on the skin than many strong retinol products.  Calm is for Rosacea or sensitive skin,  Correct is for people just starting out to restore the skin.  It is milder and safe.  The stronger is Renew which really helps the skin, once your skin is ready for a stronger product.  You may want to start off once a day or every other day to start.

Clear is a very important product.  You spray it on after the other products and massage it into the skin.  It is hydrating and anti-bacterial.  It helps the products penetrate better into the skin.

For those of you interested in anti-aging, Stem Factor is excellent.  Made up of Stem Cells.  It helps restore, hydrate, help with skin tags, abused skin.  Excellent to use with micro-rolling.

This is a good start, then you may look at the other fine Osmosis products.

You need to log in for the discounted prices.  Osmosis does not allow lower pricing to be advertised.  We always have the best prices and excellent inventory.





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Start Slow With Osmosis Skin Care If You Have Sensitive Skin

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 12, 2015

OsmosisRestore So many people purchase skin care products and jump right in and start using them.  That is not the best way to go.   Especially if you have sensitive skin.  It is best to start slowly.  Several times per week, then try it once a day.  Once you feel your skin can tolerate a product, you can move to twice per day.  That way if you see the signs of sensitive skin, you can back off a little and start again.

Relieve is the mildest Retinaldehyde product that Osmosis makes.  If you have never used the products, I would start there.   If you have Rosacea, then you may want to try Calm. That is made to help improve and remodel skin with Rosacea.   Next we have Correct.  That is in the same strength as Calm, but it is a little stronger than Relieve, yet gentle to the skin.  It is anti-aging and repairing for the skin.

All 3 are a perfect way to start your skin care regime with Osmosis.   You want to purchase a bottle of Clear also, to help the products penetrate.   Also you may use them along with  Stem Factor or one of the Catalyst Products.

When you purchase, use the code save in the shopping cart


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Help Clear Up Your Rosacea with Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 11, 2010

Have you had to deal with Rosacea your whole life and nothing has helped.  You need to try Osmosis Skin Care. There is a 5 piece kit that comes with every product you need.  Also you may purchase one piece at a time.  I will be happy to guide you as your skin progresses and you want to add products.

You will want to start with Mend.  The is an introductory product for rosacea . Perfect for sensitive skin.  Some people have such great results with Mend, they want to continue with it.  After Mend, you may move up to Calm. Calm is twice as strong, but does wonders for the skin.  More clarity, less redness, no more rosacea breakouts.

I also suggest you start with Clear. This is a frequency water that calms the skin and brings it into balance.  You will see a big difference with these 2 products.  If you want to add a cleanser,   Cleanse is the perfect choice.

For more information, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com   also email me at jmilanent@gmail.com if you have questions.

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Osmosis Skin Care Kits, A Great Way to Start

Posted by JoElla Milan on August 26, 2009

Osmosis Skin Care offers 3 kits to get you going on their product line.  One for anti-aging,  rosacea and oily/blemish skin.  Five products to bring you the results you are looking for.

It is best to start with the milder products, until your skin adjusts.   That is just what the kits will do for you.  For rosacea, you start with Mend and eventually move up to Calm. For Anti-Aging, start with Correct and eventually move up to Renew.

You will receive the proper products in each kit.  All full sizes



Your treatment serum


Shelter (sunscreen)

For more information and to purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Skin Care Starter Products

Posted by JoElla Milan on June 8, 2009

People ask me about the starter products with Osmosis Skin Care Products.   The 2 main products of the line are the Renew and Replenish. Anti- Aging and anti-oxidant.

For Rosacea the Calm is the proper product to use.  Since Osmosis products are so active, it is sometimes best to start with the starter products.  Correct instead of Renew and Mend instead of Calm.  Both are excellent and about 1/2 the strength of the Renew and Calm.

We find if people start out too strong, their face can purge up the inflammation from below the skin.  This can be frustrating, so the more gentle products get the skin prepared for the stonger products.  If your skin is very sensitive, it is OK to continue using the introductory products.

To purchase these products, please go to my website.  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Calm for Rosacea by Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 12, 2009

Calm by Osmosis Skin Care, is excellent for rosacea.  It really helps to heal the skin.   Osmosis Skin Care recommends also that you might want to start with Mend until your skin is use to it the healing ingredients of the products.

Mend has half the strength of the ingredient retinaldhyde that C alm has.  If your skin is sensitive, this is a good step for you to take.  Retinaldhyde is much stronger than retinol, but much more gentle to the skin.  It does not have the strong side effects of retinol.   Retinaldehyde is made with the L molecule, which is chirally correct and does not have the same irritation that retinol has.

In the beginning you might be a little red as your skin begins to heal.   As your skin becomes acclimated to the products, you should see a wonderful difference to your skin.  Many of my rosacea clients now have beautiful skin, thank you to the Osmosis products.

When you have rosacea, it is important to hydrate the skin as well as kill the bacteria.    Calm will do this.

As a positive side effect, Calm when used around the eye area, is very firming around the eyes.  I personally use it on my lower and upper lids for firming and anti-aging.  It works better than many products I have tried to firm this delicate area.

To me, Calm is a must have product line for anti-aging.

To purchase this product, please go to my website: http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Calm by Osmosis

Calm by Osmosis

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Osmosis Skin Care, Size for every budget

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 6, 2009

Many of the Osmosis Skin Care products, come in 2 to 3 sizes to give you the opportunity to try that product you have been “eyeing”.    3 size of Cleansers, so you many now have a travel size, large size and  the regular size.   All convenient to use.

Osmosis Skin Care has the best possible ingredients at the best possible prices.   Try a small size just to see how you love this incredible product line.  I will consult you on which products are the best for your skin type.

To Purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Updated Products Released

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 20, 2009

Osmosis Skin Care has updated many of their wonderful products and is slowly updating their packaging.  The new products are so state of the art ingredients.  You are getting the very best and highest ingredients and half the price of what you might be paying now.

Infact the Osmosis products are probably better than most of the lines you are now using.  Why pay over $100.00 for a bottle of serum, when you can get the same great ingredients or better for less.  I receive emails daily from clients, telling me how much their skin has changed and what wonderful results Osmosis has had on their skin.

To purchase these products, please go to http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Osmosis Skin Care

Osmosis Skin Care

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Osmosis Calm

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 6, 2008

Osmosis Calm

Osmosis Calm

I love this product.  It is made for Rosacea and sensitive skin. People think of Rosacea and Sensitive skin as conditions that require non-active products because of their tendency to over-react. The important distinction is that these skin types need non-irritating, active ingredients to remodel their damaged skin in a way that promotes healing.

Rosacea and Sensitive skin are the result of inflammation and it is critical to use ingredients that remodel, repair and calm so that skin health is restored. The capillaries (and redness) that are often seen reflect two conditions; the skin is attempting to repair itself by increasing blood supply to certain areas,and the skin thins from the excessive inflammation which results in more capillaries.

 Calm is designed to increase the density of the skin while calming the inflammation and encouraging repair. Eleven active, liposome coated ingredients including Retinaldehyde have been proven to be highly effective for Rosacea), make this product superior to anything else on the market.

Another great feature of this product is that it is very firming around the eye area. Be sure you skin is adjusted to Calm before using it around the eye I personally use it on the upper and lower eye area. It makes a big difference in fine lines. It almost makes you look as though you had an eye lift.  Kiss your Botox good-bye.

To purchase this product, go to  http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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