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Osmosis Catalyst AC11 Is Such An Important Product

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 19, 2019

Catalyst AC11 is such an important product.   It helps with aging, scaring, remodeling the skin.  It helps with acne, pigmentation, skin elasticity and more.  For even better results, mix it with Osmosis Rescue or Stem Factor.   We have a great price for our customers.   Just log in for your discount

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Important Answered Questions On Osmosis Skin Care From Webinar With Dr. Johnson

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 21, 2019


Important Answered Questions On Osmosis from Webinar With Dr. Johnson 

All of the Osmosis products help rebuild collagen.  All of Osmosis products may be used on the eye lids too.

Stem Factor
Helps restore the skin.  150 different growth factors. Heals, helps with pigmentation,  Helps build new collagen, new cells, and elastin.

Catalyst AC11
One of the strongest vitamin C’s you can purchase.  If you have a bottle a long time, it gets stronger and not weaker. Increases collagen, elastin, wound healing, skin tags.broken capillaries, scarring, pigmentation.
Dr Johnson also mentioned if you have a skin tag and want to speed the results, put a band aid on it.

Rescue  One of Dr Johnson’s favorite products.  Calms inflammation, helps pigmentation. age spots, acne, rosacea,   Different than most pigmentation products. Rescue helps heal it and keeps it from coming back unless you abuse the sun again.

A Serums 
Made with Retinaldedhyde, which is the safest form or retinol.  He feels retinaldhyde is so important to the skin as far as restoring the skin, anti-aging. Renew, Correct, Calm

Refresh PM
Is excellent to put on the lips for anti-aging.  Helps with the lines and dry lips. Excellent anti-aging for the eyes.

Dr Johnson said not to over do it.  You may use Stem Factor, AC11, Rescue and an A serum at one time.  He also said you may just want to alternate them and not use them altogether.  Use some in the AM and then PM.

Remember to log in for immediate best prices.  Discount shows in the shopping cart.  Or you may use code save for a flat discount

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Osmosis Skin Care If You Love Catalyst, Buy Now

Posted by JoElla Milan on September 11, 2016

OsmosisCatalyst_AC11_30mL_300pxIf you love Osmosis Catalyst, enjoy my special.  I always off the best prices on Osmosis.   Once you log in and become a preferred customer, you may automatically
take advantage of the lower prices.   They show in the shopping cart.  I feel it is very important to purchase from a professional so you use the correct products.  Not Amazon.  You never know what you are getting plus you may buy a product that is not correct for you.

Catalyst, the Original one. is a long time favorite with many customers.  It is healing on the skin  Anti-aging too
Catalyst Plus for those of you that cannot tolerate Catalyst.  The Catalyst Plus is the most gentle on the skin.  It is healing and hydrating and helps beat aging and restores the skin.
Catalyst AC11 is the latest Catalyst.  It is perfect for healing also.  It heals acne, restores the skin from aging.and sun damage. It is the Catalyst now that Osmosis prefers you start with.

Osmosis Top Selling Product is Stem Factor.  I always have the best price for my customers.  I want you to experience these wonderful products

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Tips To Using Catalyst, Catalyst Plus and Catalyst AC-11 By Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on February 9, 2014

Osmosiscatalyst_ac11_30mlI receive so many emails or calls asking me how to use the  Osmosis Skin Care Catalyst products.  They are Vitamin C and Amino Acids, which when combined can have a dark color to them.  Vitamin C oxidizes. This does not in any way take away from the effectiveness of the products.   The color is dark amber color and it is perfect when you receive it that way.

The Catalyst products are amazing. They are healing, anti-aging, help restore the skin.  Perfect for both anti-aging and acneic skin.  They do make a difference that you and other people will notice about you.   Now for how to use them.

Apply to the skin.  You would have a better response by adding one of the Osmosis treatment serums.   Calm, Clarify, Correct or Renew.  You want to make sure they are massaged into the skin.  Now spray the face with Clear, which is a harmonized water.  Clear will help the products penetrate the skin better.  Plus Clear is very healing and again perfect for anti-aging and acne.   It is a key product.  You then want to massage the skin and be sure it has soaked into the skin properly.  That is it.  Then if you choose to add Quench or one of your favorite moisturizers, go ahead.

To purchase these products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com




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