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Price Guarantee On The New Osmosis MD Products

Posted by JoElla Milan on July 4, 2019


I have sure many of you are confused now.  Osmosis Skin Care changed their name to Osmosis Beauty.  Their new skin care line Osmosis Skin Care is 20% less in efficacy.  Plus you will notice the names of the products are different.  They designed this new line for the none professionals and what you will probably find them on Amazon, and Walmart.com.

The line that was previously Osmosis Skin Care is now Osmosis MD.  This one you must have a license to sell as was required before. They are the same great products that most of you have grown to love.   The only difference is they are now called Osmosis MD and they have a beautiful new packaging.

We offer excellent prices for our customers.  If you log in you will see an immediate discount in the shopping cart.   If you do not want to log in, use the code save for your discount on Osmosis only.  Either way our prices are the best, plus they are new products, we are authorized sellers and we charge no shipping in the US.

We have a price guarantee.   

If you find the new Osmosis MD at a lower price, we will match it.  Not the old blue and white packaging.  We look forwards to hearing from you.




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Our Shelfs Are Stocked With Osmosis MD All New Products At The Best Prices

Posted by JoElla Milan on June 26, 2019


I am happy to say we are the only website that did it right.  We are stocked with the all new Osmosis MD. The same wonderful products that you have been using are now Osmosis MD.  They are only sold by professionals, like Estheticians, Physicians, Spas.  Your trusted skin care providers.

The new consumer brand is Osmosis Beauty.  Those products have new names, and the ingredients are lesser in strength. You do not have to be licensed to sell them.  Be sure you pay attention.  If you now use Osmosis, you need to use the Osmosis MD.  The new packaging is beautiful.  They did an excellent job redesigning it.

Be sure you log in for your best prices.  You may also use the code save if you do not want to log in.



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Osmosis MD Is What You Need To Be Purchasing Now

Posted by JoElla Milan on June 10, 2019

The new Osmosis MD line is has come in.  It is exciting but confusing until you understand. I am lucky I sell so much product so my customers get the newer products faster.   The Osmosis MD product are full strength and will give you the results you love from the Osmosis Skin Care line.  We have the full line of products.

The New Osmosis + Beauty (not sold on my website)  is 20% less effective.  For those of you that want results, you will find it will not give you the results you want.  It is limited in products also, plus each will have new names. Most non professionals will be selling that.

The new Elixers will be 125 mil instead of 100.  They have replaced the current waters, and are now going to be called Osmosis Elixer. Some of the current waters will be dropped.  I want to keep you educated so you understand what is happening.  With Osmosis I am always current with the changes. I have a long term relationship with them. and keep apprised of changes.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Call my toll free number, 866 568-8858 or send me an email, jmilanent@gmail.com.  Be sure to log in so you will see your automatic discount.   

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