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Osmosis Skin Care Acne Protocol

Posted by JoElla Milan on May 26, 2014

Osmosis Skin Care has changed their protocol for treating acne.  Before they just suggested their Clarify and Clear.   Now they have a whole new philosophy.    I have it on my website for my clients to read.   Osmosis Acne Protocol.  

We have had some excellent results with the new protocol.  You can see some of the results by the before and after pictures.  It is amazing. If you have any questions, please email me at jmilanent@gmail.com

You may see improvement in breakouts, redness, and overall a more healthy skin.   Please remember not to pick at your skin as you may cause scarring.  Let your products do the work for you.

Please go to my website to purchase.   Be sure to log in so you get the lowest price possible.   Discount is see in shopping cart after you register/log in.

Please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com




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Osmosis Skin Care Has A New Must Have Water “Inner Harmony”

Posted by JoElla Milan on January 8, 2014

osmosisinnerharmonywaterDr. Ben Johnson, the company creator feels this Harmonized water brings you all that you need for a more healthy body.   He combined many frequencies from their existing water to bring you” Inner Harmony” all in one bottle.

The newest addition to the Osmosis Harmonized Water Collection, Inner Harmony combines frequencies from Anti-Pathogen, Breathe, Digestive Health, Environmental Protection, Focus, Joint Health, Neutralize, Organ Protection, Rejuvenate Mind & Body and Uplifting for a powerhouse that helps with focus, allergies, digestion, organ health, acid reflux and many more benefits for overall health.  Also excellent for acne.


You may purchase Inner Harmon on my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com   and click on Osmosis harmoized Water.   Log in and save


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Clear By Osmosis Skin Care is a Must Have Product

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 26, 2013

Osmosis Skin Care has a very unique product called Clear.  Clear is a skin conditioner and penetration enhancer.  You spray on this frequency enhanced water to heal, rejuvenate and further drive products into the skin.   Through the years, Osmosis has found Clear to be such a key product and it benefits are so important to product use.

Where else are you going to find such an amazing product that hydrates,  is enhanced with epidermal growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral frequencies.  The price of this magical product is affordable for all.

Some of the benefits of Clear are:

*  Better product penetration

* It promotes younger , more clear skin

* Helpful with wound healing and blemishes

Spray directly onto skin immediately after cleansing as well as following application of serums to help aid in absorption. You may massage it into the skin.  You may also spray it throughout the day to help hydrated and reduce bacteria buildup.

To purchase this product, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com  and click on Osmosis Skin Care




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Tips To Clear Acne Using Osmosis Skin Care

Posted by JoElla Milan on April 27, 2011

Do you have acne? Or maybe you have skin that periodically breaks out.  If you do, Osmosis Skin Care has some options for you.  Osmosis heals the skin from the inside out.  Many times acne is caused by underlying bacteria. You need to treat it all to have benefits.  Start with the following:

* Purify

* Clear

* Clarify

* Acne Blend

You should see some wonderful results with these products.  You should use the AM and PM.  It is important to clean your skin before you retire.  That way your skin can heal all through the night.  Osmosis offers some wonderful masks that will also help your skin heal.

I am available by email jmilanent@gmail.com or phone 866-568-8858  You may purchase these products on my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Skin Care For Acne

Posted by JoElla Milan on October 23, 2009

Osmosis Skin Care will significantly improve your skin. It will help with the following conditions:

1.  Prolonged continual scarring

2.  Inflammation and redness.

3.  Oil overproduction

4.  Bacterial overgrowth

5.  Loss of collagen and elastin

The products will normalize oil, keep bacteria under control, improves wound healing, increases growth factors,l while assisting in scar tissue remodeling.

The following products are suggested for acne




Clear Me Water

To purchase the Osmosis products, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis L Mandelic Acid for Acne and Pigmentation

Posted by JoElla Milan on July 25, 2009

Osmosis has new liposomal powders that are  excellent to add to your Osmosis treatment serums and masks.  L Mandelic Acid is excellent to help with acne and pigmentation.   It is an anti-bacterial.  Extra help for those tough areas that you want to lighten up or heal.  I have already seen remarkable results on several of my clients.

To purchase this product, please go to my website http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

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Osmosis Skin Care Kits

Posted by JoElla Milan on December 27, 2008

Osmosis Skin Care Kits are a wonderful way to become acquainted with the Osmosis Skin Care line.  They offer Introductory Kits and also Full Size kits.  Both kits offer the products that you need for your specific skin care issue.

On the Introductory Kits, the company says the products will last several weeks.  I find if you use the right amount, it will last much longer.  Also the small sizes are perfect for travel.  The Intro kits are for Aging, Rosacea, and Acneic skin.

The kits are for normal/aging, oily/ acneic, sensitive/ rosacea.  When you purchase a kit, you receive a Cleanser, Treatment Serum, an Anti-oxidant, Polish which is a firming, enzyme mask and sunscreen.  

The Full Size Kits also offer the more gentle starter products, Mend for rosacea, and Correct to help remodel the skin and help repair past damage.  After your skin is accustomed to these products, you may move up to Calm for rosacea and Renew to remodel the skin.

You have everything your need to start you on the right path to your skin care regime.   Osmosis has other wonderful products that may be added to the routine from the kits to give you even more beautiful results for your skin.

I have so many accolades from my clients on the Osmosis Products.  People say they now have the skin they always dreamed of.  For the high, state of the art ingredients in the products, Osmosis is an excellent price point.  Better results than many very expensive skin care products.

To purchase these products, please go to my website. http://www.karinherzog-jmilan.com

Osmosis SKin Care Kits

Osmosis SKin Care Kits

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